(Contains 16 photos)
Studio Pet Portraits portfolio Pet portraits taken in my home studio
(Contains 48 photos)
People and Portraits portfolio
(Contains 25 photos)
Macro Insects N Bugs portfolio The wonders of the miniature kingdom are endless. Such beauty in these wee bugs we never seem to consider. I had such a phobia for them but now with camera gear in hand 99% of my fears have dissolved.
(Contains 13 photos)
Pet Portraits (Outside) portfolio I love dogs so taking doggy portraits is wonderful to do and its lovely to see the owners face light up seeing their pet in a special shot.
(Contains 15 photos)
Early Mornings portfolio Im lucky to be able to catch the sunrise at what ever time of the year because of my job.
(Contains 2 photos)
Studio Portraits portfolio
(Contains 8 photos)
Local Landscapes portfolio Places quite close to me that I visit quite often.