I have a passion for photography which helps me see our wonderful planet in ways I never had before. Most people go through life blinkered and they never truly appreciate what lays before them. I've grown to love every genre of photography and I never tire of trying to compose a shot.
I have now got my own Home Studio and I currently focus on Portraits of Pets, Adults and Children. If you live in and around Warwickshire and would like to enquire about a portrait session please use the contact form on this website.

My gear is all Nikon. I have one converted Infra Red Nikon which I like as it changes all the rules! My main camera is the D800 and second is the D7100 and a D5200, the Infra red camera is an aging D5000 which was my first little camera which got me hooked on photography in the first place.
I use Lee filters and Manfrotto tripods. My camera bag collection is now reaching six! But hey a girl can never have too many camera bags in my opinion.

Also I am keen to learn more and more about photoshop and the wonders it can produce. I'm not a purist about photography as with all things in life technology helps us move on and if you have a DSLR then why not use all the digital tools available to help you?.

I hope you enjoy looking through my images as much as I have enjoyed taking them.
Please feel free to leave a comment.

Cheers for looking

Karen x